Sporthood Cricket

You must have heard of Tests, ODIs, T20s & even T10s, but did you know Indoor Cricket is a professional form of cricket? Did you know the Indoor Cricket World Cup is being held since 1995 by the World Indoor Cricket Federation? Simply put, Indoor Cricket is a modified version of outdoor cricket. It requires the use of outdoor skills in a hit and run situation making for a very fast, fluent game with no time wasted.

Indoor Cricket as it is now known, was started in Australia in 1984, having originated first in Germany. Nets were introduced in the game for the first time then and this successful formula has grown from strength to strength in various countries around the world.

Played in countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, India and Sri Lanka, this exciting sport has various levels from social matches to league matches to Provincial or State tournaments all the way up to international matches including World Cups and Masters Series.

The game can be played in the form of men's, women's and even mixed competitions. Each player is required to bat and bowl during the course of the game so you're always involved in the play.

Well, now that you know, Sporthood brings to you a different form of indoor cricket. Keeping in mind the inherent desire of people in our country to play cricket outdoors, we present Sporthood Cricket!

Sporthood Cricket can be played by anyone, irrespective of skill level, age & gender while providing a fast, challenging and enjoyable experience to all. After each game, a scoresheet is provided for each player to look at their stats - bowling figures, batting runs, catches and run outs effected.

All teams and players are encouraged to play the game with sportsmanship and uphold the spirit of the game at all times. We believe this creates a healthy environment that builds confidence, self-esteem and team spirit.

Play Hard, Play Together!

Basic Rules

Each team consists of a maximum of 8 players (minimum of 6).

Each team bats for 1 innings and bowls for 1 innings of 8 overs apiece (16-over game in total).

Umpire’s decision is final.

Batting Team Rules:

  • Players bat in 4 pairs. Each batting pair bat for 2 overs irrespective of whether they are dismissed or not. One player bats a entire over followed by a rotation in strike.
  • Any dismissals lead to a 5-run deduction from the score.
  • No LBWs. Leg byes and byes are allowed (no bonus runs).
  • Runner waits at the non-striker end, which is at the middle of the pitch.
  • In case the fielding team obstructs any batter without cause while running between the wickets, the batting team will be awarded 2 runs in addition to the runs already completed
  • Fielding Team Rules:

  • All players must bowl one over unless injured; Maximum 2 overs per bowler.
  • Run outs can be effected either at the bowling or batting end.
  • Only direct catches are considered as dismissals. Hitting the net and taking a catch is not considered a dismissal.
  • Overthrows are allowed.
  • In case of a wide, the batting team are awarded 2 runs along with a re-bowl.
  • In case of a no-ball, the batting team are awarded 2 runs along with a free-hit on the re-bowl.
  • 1 bouncer is allowed per over.
  • The fielding team has to finish their allocated overs quota within 25 minutes. Failure to do so will result in extra runs being awarded for the batting team.
    • 1-3 minutes delay – 5 runs awarded
    • 4-6 minutes delay – 10 runs awarded
    • 7-9 minutes delay – 15 runs awarded
    • 10-12 minutes delay – 20 runs awarded
    • 12+ minutes delay - 25 runs awarded
  • In case of a tie, Super Over will be played to decide the winner.
  • Scoring:

    There are two types of runs – physical and bonus runs. A physical run requires both batters cross between the batting crease and the non-strikers crease and make good their ground.

    A bonus run is scored when a batter hits the ball with bat or hand/s holding the bat into the perimeter netting with allocated bonus points. To activate bonus runs, 1 physical run has to be completed.

    Bonus runs rules:

    Please refer to the layout image to know the bonus runs attached to various zones.

    Hitting directly out of the ground is considered a dismissal. If indirect, the runs considered are: no of physical runs completed + bonus run + 1 run.

    Bonus runs are only counted at the first instance of ball touching the net.

    Field Placement Rules:

    The court is divided into 2 halves with the dividing line being the non-striker’s running crease. No more than 4 fielders may field in either half of the court from the moment the bowler commences his run up until the ball leaves the bowler’s hand.

    On the line is considered to be in the other half. If this rule is contravened, the Umpire will call a “No Ball” and award 2 runs to the batting side along with a free hit.

    • Convenient time slots across multiple locations
    • Daily focus on techniques, skill development and tactical awareness
    • Inclusion of fitness circuits, routines and workouts to always be match fit.
    • In depth analysis and managerial guidance during an hour of match time.
    • View, track and target your progress from day one with various parameters.
    • Get personalized attention from a qualified team of professionals including physios who are committed to your progress.
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